Celebrate The Blue Devils 2013 Season

John Oppedisano has worked for General Dynamics as a director in charge of contracts since 1999. Prior to joining the company, he spent time as a contract officer and procurement officer. Outside of work, John Oppedisano is involved with the Blue Devil Drum and Bugle Corps through his position on the BD Performing Arts board of directors.

The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps is one of the world’s most renowned competitive drum corps in the World Class division. Since forming at the Concord, California, VFW post, the Blue Devils have gone on to win 15 national titles, including five between 2003 and 2012. The team has only finished outside of the top two twice in the last decade.

Fans can now relive an exciting 2013 season that saw the Devils perform three times The reRite of Spring at the DCI national competition, recording an impressive final score of 98.05, by pre-ordering The re:Rite of Spring documentary. In addition to a silver medal, the 2013 team also captured a record-setting sixth High Guard award.

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Sailing – A Lifelong Hobby

John Oppedisano is the director in charge of contracts with General Dynamics. He has served in this position for more than 14 years. While away from work, John Oppedisano enjoys staying active by sailing and playing golf.

Sailing is a pastime that can be picked up quickly, but can take many years to fully master. Beginning sailors will find themselves spending long hours learning how to adjust the”sheet.” This is a sailing term referencing the rope that “trims” a sail, and adjustments that can be made on the rope that will affect the direction of the boat.

While adjusting the jibsheet and mainsheet can be learned after a lesson or two, many experienced sailors find themselves making more accurate adjustments as the years go on. Likewise, refining the tension of the halyard rope and the outhaul will have varying results on the mainsail as well as the overall speed and direction of the vessel. These tensions must be understood by sailors as early as possible, though experimenting with different tensions will last a lifetime.

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Preventing Injury While Golfing

John Oppedisano directly oversees the daily operations of seven departments and 100 employees as the director at General Dynamics Corporation. When he is not working, John Oppedisano enjoys various sports, such as golf.

Golf is a leisurely and popular sport around the world. Though it typically has a low risk of injury, players may still experience elbow, wrist, lower back, or head injuries as a result of playing. It is possible to prevent many of these injuries through the use of proper techniques and some basic warm-ups. It is important to maintain proper golfing posture; this means avoiding both hunching over and over-swinging to prevent neck strain, excess stress on the joints, and back pain. Maintaining smooth movement while swinging also prevents strain within the forearm.

Players can also avoid injuries during golf by stretching and warming up before starting to play. Gentle movement that imitates swinging various clubs and shifting one’s weight allows for the body to slowly get used to the regular movements of golf, thus preventing injury. It is also important to wear the proper footwear, and carefully lift and carry one’s clubs. As with any sport, staying hydrated during the game is important, as is building and strengthening essential muscles. Should an injury occur, it is best to stop playing immediately and seek medical treatment or first aid to prevent any further complications.

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About the Field Band Foundation

A well-established corporate executive, John Oppedisano possesses notable experience in managing international contracts and supply structures for major corporations. John Oppedisano also has a passion for marching bands and drum corps, and sits on the board of BD Performing Arts. Based in Concord, California, the organization is part of the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps. The 56-year-old corps offers individuals from age eight to 21 an inclusive environment for dance and musical performance.

Members of the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps take part in a number of global nonprofit initiatives. One such program is the Field Band Foundation. Founded in 1997, the Field Band Foundation supports more than 5,5000 students in nearly 50 bands in poverty-stricken areas of South Africa. In September 2013, a group of Field Band Foundation members delivered brass instruments to their South African musical counterparts. Since 2012, more than 65 instruments have been donated through the efforts of the Field Band Foundation.

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