Sailing – A Lifelong Hobby

John Oppedisano is the director in charge of contracts with General Dynamics. He has served in this position for more than 14 years. While away from work, John Oppedisano enjoys staying active by sailing and playing golf.

Sailing is a pastime that can be picked up quickly, but can take many years to fully master. Beginning sailors will find themselves spending long hours learning how to adjust the”sheet.” This is a sailing term referencing the rope that “trims” a sail, and adjustments that can be made on the rope that will affect the direction of the boat.

While adjusting the jibsheet and mainsheet can be learned after a lesson or two, many experienced sailors find themselves making more accurate adjustments as the years go on. Likewise, refining the tension of the halyard rope and the outhaul will have varying results on the mainsail as well as the overall speed and direction of the vessel. These tensions must be understood by sailors as early as possible, though experimenting with different tensions will last a lifetime.

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